Answering Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Answering Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Teeth not as bright as they used to be? Don’t worry, our team can help. At Perth Dental Rooms we know a beautiful smile makes a powerful impression. Professional teeth whitening is safe, reliable and non-invasive, an easy procedure that offers fantastic results.

Creating dazzling smiles is what we do, and below are answers to questions we often hear. If you’d like to come in for a consult, please get in touch. Teeth whitening is an accessible smile makeover.

At what point should I consider whitening my teeth?

Stains on your teeth are going to keep building, so attending to discolouration before it worsens is a good idea. We offer an In-Chair Teeth Whitening procedure, or a Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit. Teeth whitening won’t damage enamel, and our non-invasive system is designed to deliver noticeable brightening.

How did my teeth end up stained in the first place?

There are many elements that can lead to stained and dull teeth. Ageing, what we eat, tooth damage, not bothering to brush, smoking, antibiotics and even genetics are contributing factors. The truth is even if your oral healthcare routine is top notch, you can still end up with stains.

Are there different types of teeth stains?

Staining of teeth is generally either extrinsic, or intrinsic (ageing stains can be impacted by a combination of both). Extrinsic is external, meaning the surface of teeth are affected. Intrinsic stains live in microcracks in enamel. Quality whitening agents like the one chosen by Perth Dental Rooms, known as Opalescence, addresses both forms. Oxygen molecules in the whitening agent react with discoloured molecules, breaking the bonds keeping them present, and the oxygen molecules spread, whitening the tooth.

Why should I whiten at the dentist?

You’ve probably seen a lot of whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes on supermarket shelves. Basic over the counter teeth whitening products may be easily accessible, but a dentist whitening procedure delivers better results. We use the best technologies to ensure premium outcomes. Trust us, we’re the professionals. If you really want a brighter smile, we’re your best bet.

Do I need to prep my teeth?

You won’t need to prep at home, but we will need to examine your teeth, and provide a basic clean and scale. The goal is to make sure there aren’t any cavities or oral health issues—like receding gums—that could impede the process, and result in aggravation. Whitening teeth in less than great condition risks creating sensitivity, and speeding up decay. Don’t worry. If necessary, we’ll take care of any issues first. Otherwise it’s a scale and clean, and you’re ready to start.

So how does this work?

At Perth Dental Rooms we use the Opalescence In-Chair Whitening System, a standout in the industry that utilises leading technology. Gel is applied to your teeth, and activated by light or laser. Your smile can become up to eight times whiter thanks to this highest prescription strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The Opalescence System also includes potassium nitrate and fluoride, to help maintain enamel health throughout the process.

Is it going to take long?

Our In-Chair Teeth Whitening using the Opalescence System requires just one hour to complete two twenty-minute sessions. This process isn’t time consuming. You can just sit back and relax. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Can I whiten at home instead?

Yes, you can. If you’d rather take charge of the whitening process, Perth Dental Rooms offers take home kits for $199. (Check with your healthcare for possible rebates.) Custom trays adapted specifically to your teeth, combined with dental strength whitening gel means you can brighten teeth to your preferred shade, making this a great option for those with sensitive teeth. Once you’re happy with the new shade of your smile, simply discontinue.

Are there any side effects?

Some people may experience increased sensitivity that is usually short-term, and treatable. If you are prone to teeth sensitivity, let us know in advance, and the team at Perth Dental Rooms will work with you to minimise the potential of any increase in sensitivity. The Take-Home Whitening Kit sometimes suits those with sensitivity issues who want more control over the process.

Does teeth whitening last?

The Opalescence System has been formulated to avoid shade relapse. For most people who choose a high-quality teeth whitening option, results can last up to one to three years. This timeframe, however, can be impacted by lifestyle and oral care. After this period, teeth may begin to discolour slowly over the years. Try avoiding or minimising high stain products like coffee, cool drinks, red wine, and acidic foods in general.

What will it cost?

Opalescence In-Chair Whitening System is exclusively available in our clinic at present for $699 (reduced from $900), including a free take-home kit to assist with long term maintenance. We can work out an interest free payment plan or use Afterpay so give us and call and we’ll discuss the details.