Back To School In Perth Dental Tips

Back To School In Perth Dental Tips

Preparing your child for school in the morning will shape their morning routines for the rest of their lives. But hey, no pressure, mums and dads.
We’re dentists, so we know how hard it can be to get kids to appreciate good oral health habits. We know that parents do what they can to help, which is why we’ve made a note of a few great tips to get your kids thinking about their oral health and keeping their pearly whites right into old age.

1. Develop A Dental Routine

If you can create a morning and evening routine that is always topped off with brushing and flossing, you’ve cracked the code. With morning cartoons, missing school uniforms, and other morning roadblocks it can be hard to convince your young ones to brush their teeth – but there’s still plenty of ways to do it. I know families who are allowed to watch fifteen minutes of cartoons before dashing to the car, only if they’d brushed their teeth immediately before. Needless to say, it created a 7:55 am morning stampede for the bathroom. With fun toothbrushes and kids toothpaste, there’s plenty of ways to make it a normal part of the morning that they wouldn’t consider avoiding.

2. Reward Their Great Habits

Like our above family, who allowed a short cartoon to kids who had brushed their teeth, there are ways to reward your kids when they’ve made good dental decisions. For example, give them a sugar-free beverage or water to take to school in a brand new drink bottle to reward them for avoiding sodas and juices. Sugary snacks and treats are the usual rewards for kids, so be a bit imaginative and consider something that your child would love for themselves.

3. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Come in and see your dentist every six months or so, or more frequently if your child is experiencing problems. They can keep an eye out for any dental issues that may be arising which can deteriorate if left untreated.

4. Purchase a Mouthguard For Your Child

Sport and games are essential for growing up fit and healthy, but a stray hockey ball or poorly aimed tackle could damage teeth that are still forming in their gums. A mouthguard is the perfect school companion and can be customised to fit your child’s mouth.

5. Address Aligning Problems With Invisalign Perth

Let’s be honest -there aren’t many people out there who were overly enthusiastic about braces in their teen/pre-teen years. Invisalign braces are available in Perth, as an invisible alternative to traditional braces. If your child will need their teeth realigned, make the process more appealing to them and drama-free for yourself, and offer Invisalign services.