Dental Tips For The Coming Season

Dental Tips For The Coming Season

Summer has truly started to fade, and Autumn is descending. If you’re due for your next dental appointment, then now is the time to book it! Medibank private approved dentists are filling up appointment times, and you’ll want to make sure that your mouth is clean and in tip-top shape for autumn and winter (when the hot chocolates and comfort foods start coming out!).
Here are some easy reminders from Medibank private approved dentists, to keep your pearly whites healthy throughout the cooler months ahead.

Book a dental check-up:

If you haven’t seen your dentist for six months or more, then the change in season is the perfect time to make an appointment. Our clinic hours are flexible to suit your needs, and check-ups are quick and easy. If you’re teeth are looking happy and healthy then we won’t call you again until the start of spring!

Swap out your old toothbrush:

Some people miss this little piece of information – but toothbrushes aren’t supposed to be used longer than 3-4 months. Some recyclable toothbrushes only have a one month life expectancy! If you haven’t gotten around to swapping your toothbrush for a fresh new one, or replacing the head of your electric brush, the arrival of autumn is a good sign to do so. We change our brushes as the bristles get worn and tired, and can’t clean as effectively.

Work your brushing skills:

Use this time to kick-start your new dental hygiene routine! Set yourself a goal to amp up your daily oral hygiene routine – you might need to set a reminder to brush your teeth twice a day, or you might need to floss for frequently. You may have all your dental hygiene habits down, but be interested in some whitening treatments! For tips and ideas, talk to our team of dentists and hygienists.

Book a hygiene session:

You might not be struggling with bad breath, cavities, or sore gums, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from a hygiene session. A dental hygienist can provide you with a deep, intensive clean to eliminate any bacteria, plaque and tartar, and polish your teeth to give your smile a lovely clean sparkle.

Cut back on sugary foods:

Sugary foods have been proven through countless research studies to contribute to dental decay, as well as acidic foods and drinks like coffee or cola. Now is a great time to start breaking bad habits, and swapping out acidic or sugary treats for foods and drinks that are easier on your grin.

For more tips like this, talk to our friendly team at Perth Dental Rooms. A quick and easy dental check up can put your mind at rest, and ensure you’re not on the path towards serious oral problems or in need of urgent attention – our clinic is conveniently located in Perth CBD, so you can always find time for us around your busy schedule.