How To Care For Your Cosmetic Dentistry

How To Care For Your Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthy, radiant smile is irreplaceable, and cosmetic dentistry can change lives with the rejuvenated confidence and comfort. Anyone who has cosmetic dentistry, from Perth WA and beyond, can appreciate how important it is to take care of our teeth to avoid any unnecessary discomfort – and it is just as important to care for our cosmetic dental work. Here are some of our easiest and most effective tips to keep your teeth healthy and bright in between visits.

Tips For Cosmetic Dentistry Home Care

Regular Brushing and Flossing

If this isn’t already in your daily routine, make a note to add these in now. Brush all surfaces of your teeth (inner and outer surfaces, as well as the biting surfaces) with an electric toothbrush or a soft-bristled manual toothbrush. Flossing also makes a huge difference to your overall oral health, with unwaxed or implant-specific options ensuring that your smile is at a low risk of infections. By maintaining excellent oral hygiene, you’re creating a longer life expectancy for your cosmetic work and saving you more time and money further down the track.

Be Considerate Of Your New Teeth

There are everyday hazards to our teeth, whether it is from your diet or from your daily activities. While we cannot foresee every danger that our teeth could face, there are some ways to minimise our odds. You can begin by learning when the times are that your teeth could be under extreme stress, such as during sports or grinding your teeth in your sleep, and use a mouthguard or protective night guard. Biting into hard objects or ice can cause pain or damage, so caution is always advised when you’re considering the care of your cosmetic dentistry.

Consume A Healthy, Balanced Diet

Brushing and flossing your teeth is just one part of a healthy smile – your overall diet and lifestyle have a massive impact on your oral wellbeing. Your diet will dictate what factors will potentially harm or help your teeth. We are all aware of the damaging effects of sugar to our teeth and general health. You must limit your sugar intake to a minimum to avoid tooth decay. It is just as important to be wary of food and drink that are high in acid content as these can cause erosion of your teeth. Finally, the other factors to consider are smoking and alcohol – minimise your mouths exposure to either of these to reduce your likelihood of sustained damage or discolouration. It can be very difficult to maintain a healthy environment for your cosmetic dentistry if your diet is loaded with decay-causing food and beverages.

These tips are going to help you get more longevity out of your teeth. However, these tips are meant to be implemented alongside the advice your dentist gives you, and are not a replacement for genuine dental attention. If you have any more queries about your cosmetic dentistry, or if you are concerned that your cosmetic dental work has been compromised and you would like to talk to a professional, call our team at Perth Dental Rooms. Organise an appointment or consultation with one of our dentists to make sure that you’re caring for your smile the best you can and make regular check-up appointments to keep a close eye on any troublesome spots.