How To Know If Teeth Whitening is Right For You

How To Know If Teeth Whitening is Right For You

Professional teeth whitening carried out by your dentist is a quick, non-invasive procedure which can go a long way to improving the look of your teeth. This procedure gives you a whiter, brighter smile by removing staining and discolouration. But before you go ahead with your treatment, you need to be sure that this procedure will be right for you.

If you’re considering professional teeth whitening treatment, we’ll let you know when teeth whitening should and shouldn’t be used

An effective procedure for most people

For most people, professional teeth whitening is an effective and easy solution to improving your smile.
The surface of your teeth can easily become discoloured and stained due to external factors such as smoking, drinking coffee and red wine, and other stain causing substances and in these instances, teeth whitening can be the perfect solution to brighten your teeth. Along with surface stains, your teeth can also become discoloured as part of the natural ageing process, a build-up of plaque and tartar, and poor dental hygiene. Again, teeth whitening can help address these issues.

Teeth whitening doesn’t just need to be reserved for serious staining. It could also be that you’re preparing for an event, such as a wedding or other special occasion, and want your smile to look it’s best so you’re looking for overall brightness and rejuvenation.

When teeth whitening is not appropriate

Although teeth whitening is appropriate for most people, there are times when this procedure may not be effective.
Underlying dental concerns – If your tooth discolouration is caused by underlying issues such as decay, abscesses, or root canal problems, you need to treat these issues before proceeding with teeth whitening. Professional whitening may mask discolouration but your dentist needs to be confident that your teeth are in good health before they proceed with this treatment. If you suffer from extreme tooth sensitivity, you should also mention this to your dentist before proceeding.

Intrinsic staining – Intrinsic staining is when the inner structure of the teeth becomes darkened or yellowed. This type of staining is caused by things like certain antibiotics medications, exposure to too much fluoride as a child, and damage or trauma to the teeth. For this type of staining, teeth whitening is not appropriate and other options such as dental veneers may need to be considered.

Extensive dental work – If you already have a lot of dental work such as filling, crowns or dental implants, you may not be the best candidate for teeth whitening. This is because your porcelain and composite doesn’t bleach and you risk the rest of your teeth being whiter than your dental work.

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