Dr Thomas Flanagan

Dr Thomas Flanagan

Perth Dental Rooms Dentist

Dr. Thomas Flanagan


Dr. Thom graduated in Dentistry from The University of Western Australia, as well as Pharmacy at Monash University in Victoria. Thomas believes Dentistry is a profession that provides a great combination of science and art, allowing him to make a difference to someone’s confidence, self-esteem and oral health. Thomas practices dentistry passionately, and really enjoys getting to know patient’s over the years as they come in for their regular check-ups.

Having worked both as a pharmacist and a dentist, Dr. Flanagan has experience discussing health concerns with patients, ensuring that patients are well informed about their oral health and the treatment options available to them. He strives to create a calm and relaxed environment and loves having a laugh with his patients.

Thomas is an active member of the Australian Dental Association, regularly attending seminars and courses to ensure best practice on the state-of-the-art equipment Perth Dental Room offers. He is hoping to begin a three-year mini residency in orthodontics in the near future.

Outside dentistry, Thom is a bit of a foodie who enjoys exercise and exploring the local restaurant and coffee scene with his friends. When Perth turns the weather on, you’ll find him out on his motorbike.

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