Proper Care of your Veneers

Proper Care of Your Veneers

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure where thin pieces of composite or porcelain are placed on the fronts of your existing teeth. Veneers are commonly used if your teeth are chipped, broken, misaligned, have wide gaps or show intrinsic staining. The benefit of veneers is that they are long lasting, provided you give them the right care.

Today, we’ll be sharing how you can best look after your veneers so they last for longer.

Maintain proper dental hygiene

Luckily, dental veneers don’t require too much extra care so you don’t need to be concerned that having them in place will take up your time with extra maintenance. However, you do need to keep up with your regular dental hygiene regime. Brush your teeth at least twice a day but preferably after each meal. Also, don’t forget flossing – this is equally as important as brushing and you should also aim for twice a day.

Some people get worried that brushing or flossing is going to damage their veneers so take a far too gentle approach. Don’t worry, your dentist would have made sure that your veneers are properly fixed so you can brush and floss as normal. However, stick with a soft toothbrush and don’t use toothpastes which are too abrasive.

Avoid foods that stain

Veneers tend to resist staining, particularly if you choose high quality porcelain, but over time extrinsic stains can still develop. If you want to keep your veneers looking white and bright for longer, be aware of stain causing food and drinks such as wine, coffee and tea as these substances can result in staining over time.

Along with avoiding foods that stain, if you’re in the habit of chewing on hard object such as pens then it’s best to give it up. Veneers are tough but if you consistently chew on hard objects, you may eventually damage your veneers.

Visit your dentist regularly

Although everyone should keep up with their regular dental check-ups, it’s particularly important if you have veneers in place as your dentist can keep an eye on your veneers to make sure there are no issues. If there are any problems with your veneers, it’s best they get picked up early by your dentist so they can be quickly addressed.

When properly looked after, veneers can last a minimum of 10 years which means it’s well worth your time to look after them. Remember, your dentist will also give you advice as to the proper care of your veneers and you can always call your dental clinic if you have any questions along the way.

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