Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth Removal Perth

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure in Perth that eliminates pain and discomfort caused by the development of wisdom teeth. At Perth Dental Rooms, we can assess and extract your wisdom teeth safely to avoid any further pain. Depending on each individual patients’ needs, the procedure can be completed under local anaesthetic or under IV sedation. To discuss your treatment options, contact the team at Perth Dental Rooms today.

Troublesome wisdom teeth?

While many people in Perth will not need wisdom teeth removal, most cases do require professional attention. Our staff can make the process as easy and comfortable as possible with a range of options available to suit each circumstance. We always recommend a consultation with one of our dentists, who can find the best course of action with an examination and an x-ray.

If you’re experiencing any discomfort or pain, get in contact with Perth Dental Rooms today. This includes:

  • Swollen gums around wisdom teeth
  • Pain
  • Abscess – due to recurrent infection
  • Bad breath – due to decay or food impaction
  • Crowding
  • Difficulty cleaning around teeth


At Perth Dental Rooms, we make sure our patients are comfortable and educated on their procedure. If you need your wisdom teeth removed, we can offer three solutions.

  • Most patients receive a local anaesthetic, numbing the area which requires treatment, so you don’t feel anything during the procedure while remaining awake.
  • Treatment under sedation can also be provided and is preferred by patients who don’t want to be awake for the procedure. This is provided by our sedationist under controlled conditions for complete safety.
  • More complicated dental circumstances may require attention from an oral surgeon, and our dentists can arrange a referral.

Why is the removal of wisdom teeth necessary?

Wisdom teeth can pose a variety of problems, whether it’s an acute issue or one we foresee further down the track. Though we might not have much use for our wisdom teeth, we must still provide attentive dental care to avoid decay and/or infection.

In many cases, there is not enough space at the rear of the jaw for your wisdom teeth to erupt, causing the teeth to become impacted and wedged together. It is recommended to remove your wisdom teeth for the following reasons:

  • To avoid complications and reduce chance of infection.
  • Prevent harming and misaligning adjacent teeth, causing need for further orthodontic treatment.
  • To avoid the formation of cysts.
  • To assist in removing pain and discomfort in the mouth.

Health fund preferred dentist

With on-the-spot claiming facilities, we’re able to process your rebates at the time of your appointment, avoiding any unnecessary costs. As a preferred provider for all the major health funds, we make rebates easy!

If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort from your erupting wisdom teeth, get in contact with our team of leading dentists in Perth today. For dental care you can rely on, make Perth Dental Rooms your first choice.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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