Teeth Whitening Services Arent As New As You Might Think

Teeth Whitening Services Arent As New As You Might Think

Have you ever looked at a picture of someone beaming at the camera, and noticed the youth and radiance that seems to glow right through the lens? Next time, see what it is that makes you feel that this person is healthy and bright – the odds are that their exceptionally white teeth are partly why.

Dazzlingly white teeth have always been a calling card of vigour and youth; a symbol of a mouth yet untouched by questionable consumption of food and beverages, stains from smoke and poor dental habits, or a lifetime of wear and tear. And while some of you might be scoffing at the superficial priorities of modern society, don’t forget that teeth whitening services have been in hot demand for centuries.

Okay, so previous civilisations might not have sat under lights with gels on their teeth, but we have early evidence of other processes taking place. People didn’t brush their teeth 3000 years ago either, instead chewing on sticks to dislodge the particles from their teeth, but that’s an early ancestor of tooth-brushing – so let’s follow the oral hygiene family tree back, and check out dental whitening’s oldest known relatives.

— Teeth-whitening began around 4,000 years ago with the ancient Egyptians – because let’s face it, those guys were way ahead of their times. By combining ground pumice stone with wine vinegar, they were able to create an effective whitening paste to counteract any discolouration. White teeth were a symbol of beauty, much as it is today, as well as a sign of wealth.

— The ancient Romans weren’t far behind, and are known to have whitened their teeth using urine. Urine has been used throughout history in many weird and wonderful ways, but we’re personally glad that we were born in the time of mouthwash not made by human waste. The ammonia present in the urine was the bleaching agent, although we’re undecided whether the odour on your breath would be worth it.

— During the 17th century, people visited their barber for the care of hair as well as their teeth. By filing down the teeth, the barber could apply an acid beneath the outer layers that would whiten teeth. Hmm. Filing down teeth and applying acid. While the whitening process might have been one benefit, the dental health of these poor people would have suffered dramatically with enamel erosion and imminent decay.

— Fluoride has been touted as the modern remedy to cavities after it’s discovery in the early 19th century. However, overexposure to fluoride can result in discolouration, and with fluoride now present in drinking water as well as toothpastes, white patches of fluorosis on teeth are more and more prevalent.

Tooth whitening services in Perth have progressed rapidly past rock pastes, tooth filing, and urine mouthwash, thankfully for us. If you want to learn more about our available procedures for teeth whitening services, view the pages on our website or call our friendly team to arrange a consultation. We can explain the process to you so you know exactly what to expect, so you can look forward to flashing your whiter, brighter smile to the world.