What Is IV Sedation?

What Is IV Sedation?

For many patients, dental procedures can be a source of stress and discomfort which they seek to avoid. By skipping appointments or refusing them in the first place, many conditions can become exacerbated and require even more urgent care. IV sedation dentistry is gaining popularity in Perth – so what exactly can you expect from having dentistry under sedation?

IV Sedation

By administering an anti-anxiety drug before your procedure, you will fall into a deeply sedated state, similar to sleep. A qualified anaesthetist or dental sedationist will come to the dental chair and administer the drug safely, so your dentist can undertake the necessary procedure with your complete comfort guaranteed.
Sedation still requires your mouth to be numbed with a local anaesthetic, which will be administered directly to the area in your mouth where the procedure is to be completed.

How Is It Administered?

IV stands for intravenous, which means that the drug is put into your vein using an extremely thin needle. Using a vein which is close to the skin, usually on the back of the hand or the arm, the drug is carefully administered and is monitored throughout the procedure, along with your pulse and blood/oxygen levels.

Occasions Where You May Request IV Sedatio

-Wisdom Teeth and/or surgical extractions
-Dental Implants
-Bone Grafts
-Large amounts of fillings or procedures in one appointment – helpful for children

IV sedation is an extremely convenient and safe option for our patients who are concerned about their comfort during dental procedures – but there may be some circumstances where IV sedation dentistry is not suited to you. This may include cases such as pregnancy, alcohol intoxication, CNS depression or a known allergy to the drug. If you have a history of using sedative or anaesthetic medications, your tolerance may be higher – mention this to your sedationist to ensure you receive the correct dosage.

The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to ‘sleep’ dentistry.

-If you don’t want to have any discomfort or to retain any memory from your procedure, IV sedation is perfect.
-The drugs work rapidly to ensure that you’re comfortable as soon as possible – some other methods of sedation can be difficult to predict, both in dosage requirements and efficacy.
-IV sedation works much better than other forms of sedation to neutralise the gag reflex, and it keeps you coherent enough to be able to breathe naturally without the added discomfort of an airway tube.

After IV Sedation

After IV sedation, you’ll need some time to regain your faculties, so we ask that patients are escorted home by an adult friend or family member, and rest for the remainder of the day. That also means no driving or operating heavy machinery, and no strenuous activities. Try to eat light foods while you readjust, avoiding large heavy meals and alcohol. Medications should only be taken if you’ve discussed the appropriateness with your doctor.

Perth Dental Rooms offers dental IV sedation to our patients who require it and meet the basic health criteria. If you would like to learn more about IV sedation, or you would like to request it for your procedure, contact our friendly team to discuss your options.