When To Seek Emergency Dental Health Services

When To Seek Emergency Dental Health Services

Although you would hope to never require urgent dental care, it’s best to be prepared. When it comes to emergency dental health services in Perth, it’s important you know which situations require attention sooner rather than later. Today, we’ll be looking at scenarios where emergency dental care might be needed.

Severe or persistent pain

Severe or persistent pain, including wisdom tooth related pain, is something that you should get looked at as soon as possible. Don’t ignore tooth or jaw pain – it’s unlikely to go away on its own and could be caused by something that needs immediate attention.

Trauma to the mouth

Trauma to mouth is most commonly the result of sporting activities and it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your dentist if you’ve received a blow to the mouth which has resulted in tooth or jaw pain. Even if your teeth seem fine, your dentist will be able to make sure there is no underlying damage to the mouth.

Chipped or broken teeth

It can be a shock when you find that your tooth is chipped or broken but it happens regularly – even biting into hard food can cause a chip. Make an appointment with your dentist so they can take a look and conduct any repairs if necessary. Even if it doesn’t hurt, you should always get a chipped tooth checked out.

Damage to dentures

Damage to dentures is frustrating given the inconvenience involved with your dentures being out of action. From dropping your dentures to damaging them through eating, your dentist will be able to take a look and undertake repairs as necessary.

Lost filling or crown

It’s often when people are eating that they find their fillings or crowns can come loose. If you lose a crown or filling, it’s important that it gets put back into place as quickly as possible so it can be recemented. The main reason why a trip to the dentist is a priority in this situation is that it can often leave part of your tooth exposed which can be painful.

Infection or abscess

When infection or an abscess forms in the mouth, it can be very painful and also a sign that bacteria has taken hold within your mouth. If you leave infection too long, it can spread to other parts of the mouth and cause damage. If you suspect you have an infection in your mouth, make an appointment with your dentist so they can develop an appropriate treatment plan.
Perth Dental Rooms offer emergency dental treatment for a range of issues. If you need to be seen quickly, call us as soon as possible as we’ll endeavour to fit you in. Our experienced dentists will then be able to provide a consultation and develop an appropriate treatment plan.
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