Why Dental Implants Are Everywhere In Perth

Why Dental Implants Are Everywhere In Perth

Some of you may have noticed signs and advertisements for dental implants services cropping up all over Perth. Technology for dental care has been improving rapidly, and so has our dental health. It’s becoming less and less regular to see people who are suffering from dental issues that modern dentistry can fix, and services such as dental implants can be invaluable to many mouths across Perth. You may have seen or heard about dental implants lately – so what do you need to know?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the perfect procedure for someone who is uncomfortable with or self-conscious about missing teeth or their dentures. Whether it’s from oral disease or an accident, many of our Perth patients have sustained a missing tooth, and this can affect your willingness to smile, laugh, or eat.

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures, where there is a small anchor placed into the jaw made of biocompatible materials such as titanium. By using these materials, your dentist can ensure that your jawbone accepts the new piece and fuses to it readily. With this anchor in place, your dentist can attach a replacement tooth which will look and feel like your natural tooth.

Dental implants are gaining traction in Perth as more people can see how this procedure can help them to regain their lifestyle. Many of us were not educated properly on dental hygiene in the past, and have been left with the lasting effects such as a gapped smile or the need to wear dentures. Dental implants restore your smile and give you your freedom and confidence back, as well as the ability to eat comfortably.

Benefits Of Implants Over Dentures:

-A natural smile
-Stronger, secured teeth
-Comfortable and natural to use
-Permanent solution
-Aids in the alleviation of speech impediments
-Helps to preserve the normal jawline and shape of mouth.

If you think that dental implants could be the perfect solution for your smile, call our team at Perth Dental Rooms. Our expert team of dentists can discuss your options with you to make sure you know exactly what to expect, and that it is the best option for your specific condition. Call our friendly team today to arrange a consultation or appointment.