New Technology For Dental Fillings Because The Future Is Now

New Technology For Dental Fillings Because The Future Is Now

Many of us will have a filling or two in our teeth, often from the halcyon childhood days of candy and Coca-Cola dependencies. With varying materials and other advances, you might’ve chalked fillings up to their final state. This news will change all that.


You would either get a temporary or permanent dental filling:

Temporary Dental Filling

Temporary dental fillings are a short-term solution. You’d usually only receive one if your filling procedure will span over two appointments, or if you’d just had a root canal or other procedure which aggravates the nerves that may need a little time-out.

Permanent Dental Filling

Permanent dental fillings are used when the tooth has suffered some damage and requires restoration. The tooth is cleaned thoroughly before the filling is begun, and it the life expectancy on these varies depending on your lifestyle and the materials used. Materials are usually a composite, amalgam, or type of porcelain, and these are carefully used to ‘fill’ the cavity to ensure that the damage doesn’t continue and your tooth function can continue as normal.


Resin Infiltration

With no pain and no need for anaesthetic, resin infiltration is being heralded by dentists like the Second Coming. Simply put, this treatment is perfect for filling holes between teeth. Using a thin, perforated sheet slid between the teeth ,a gel is pushed into the cavity to clean it of any bacteria. Next, a resin is pushed through and cured under under a special dental curing light, causing it to set solid between the teeth. This method is only best for cavities between the teeth, but if you’re wondering about the more exposed cavities in your smile then you’ll be please with…

Stem Cell Regeneration

Using the drug which has been formulated to treat Alzheimer’s disease, researchers have been able to develop a filling that allows the tooth to heal itself. Teeth can usually regenerate a small amount of dentine, and existing fillings are considered toxic to cells – this is why if the damage or illness in tooth extends to living dental pulp, you would usually require a root canal. However, using a small biodegradable sponge inserted into the cavity, you may could have that cavity taken care of in about six weeks. The stem cells heal the tooth from the inside out

Pretty incredible, right? Soon, our stories of mild discomfort at the dentist will regale children with horror the same way that our grandparents stories did, because by then dentistry might mean stepping into an air-conditioned pod and promptly falling asleep listening to a white noise with the occasional microwave alarm (or whatever the future of music is) while small automated machines fill broken teeth with stem cells and resin. But we still recommend getting a filling as soon as possible, because an extraction isn’t going to get much simpler.

For more information on fillings, or if you believe that you may need a filling, come in and chat to our friendly team at Perth Dental Rooms. We can organise an appointment for you to consult one of our expert dentists about your dental well being, and they can explain to you the best options available so that you can get back to smiling wider and eating comfortably – two of life’s greatest joys.